About UsOur Objectives

  • To provide a platform to the manufacturers of Gem & Jewellery to market these products.
  • To Provide a platform for gem & jewellery marketing on National & International level.
  • To create awareness about the potential of this industry.
  • To setup research and training facilities.
  • To create job opportunities at rural & urban level.
  • To initiate social projects.
  • To undertake projects for enhancement of gemstones & upgrading automation.

Chairman's Message

We are delighted to announce that the Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) has successfully completed two decades of operation, establishing itself as a renowned trade fair in India and abroad. Our journey thus far has been possible due to the competent and dedicated team at JJS who have tirelessly worked towards making it a coveted event, attracting a diverse audience of tourists and local customers.

The show fosters participation, networking, and the exchange of ideas amongst the industry's brightest and most talented minds. The four-day extravaganza is a quintessential representation of the best of what the gem and jewellery industry has to offer.

JJS has been growing from strength to strength since its inception. Even during the global pandemic's recessive times, there was an enthusiastic demand for booths, highlighting the show's unparalleled popularity. Organized at JECC, Jaipur, spread over 2.5 lakh square feet, the Jaipur Jewellery Show in 2022 welcomed over 45,000 visitors and traders during the four-day event. The theme for the year was 'Emerald's Timeless Elegance,' which showcased the enchanting green stone and served as an expedition into the exciting world of emeralds. Both the organizers and exhibitors were thrilled with the positive response received at the last JJS. In light of the increasing demand from exhibitors, the number of booths at JJS may increase to over 1000 in the next edition.

Moreover, the event witnessed a significant number of repeat exhibitors, symbolizing its unparalleled success. We look forward to welcoming back all repeat and new exhibitors to be a part of this legendary show that has become the benchmark for all other gem and jewellery shows across the world.

Vimal Chand Surana

JJS - Tribute to Rashmikant Durlabji

RY Durlabhji, an iconic name in the Gems and jewellery sector, are the pioneers and leading exporter of coloured gemstones (especially emerald)That they have won innumerable awards and recognition for their accomplishments in the export arena is a fact well known. As is also the fact known that they are the pioneers in the manufacture of Sandwana emeralds on the scientific basis.

Rashmibhai (as he was popularly known) was the partner of RY Durlabhji.However, what stands out about this multi- faceted person is the thrust that he gave to the gem and jewellery sector. Consider this: when Durlabhji was the Chairman of the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC), the exports in this sector Leapfrogged by a whopping extent. An incredible 17 percent of India’s export became that of the gems and jewellery sector. What is even more incredible is the fact that the proportion in terms of percentage has not changed even today. Under his proactive stewardship, a number of matters pertaining to the trade were sorted out and streamlined. Little wonder then that the GJEPC had specially created ‘Awardof Eminence’ in 2001. The citation of the award aptly said: in deep appreciation of his preeminent and invaluable contribution over three decades to the cause of Gems & Jewellery Exports and his exemplary role in the international arena in promoting this industry worldwide.’ While Rashmibhai was making a headway in the national apex trade body; he was also the founding organizer of the New York-Based International Colored Gemstone association (ICGA). He was its Vice Prsident from 1984 to 1990-indeed a stellar honour for an Indian to represent India in this 38-country international organization. What was even more gratifying was that he has delvered the keynote address at the Biennial Congress of this prestigious organization no less than three times. A stickler for intricate detail, Rashmibhai had superb organizing skills. ICA Organized under the convenership of Durlabhji in January 2003 at Jaipur was a tremendous success.

More recently he was instrumental in launching the Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) The first show was held in December 2003 and within a span of four years the event has attained international status. An able organizer that he was, his pioneering efforts that this extravaganza has placed Jaipur on the world jewellery map. His involvement can be gauged from the fact that he would personally approve every little thing that went into the making of this mega-event, be it the-matter for the administration of the exposition site or for that matter, the creative aspect of the fasion show. It goes entirely to his credit that under his convenership, the event is now the biggest in north India; and second largest in the country. It is a matter of immense satisfaction that other states are now emulating JJS to organize similar shows there.


Founder Convener

JJS - Organizing Committee

  • Vimal C. Surana

  • Rajiv Jain
    (Hon Secretary)

  • Dinesh Khatoria
    (Vice Chairman)

  • Kamal Kothari

  • Ashok Singhi

  • Ajay Kala

  • B. N. Gupta

  • Jagdish P. Tambi

  • Mehul Durlabhji

  • Dr. Nawal Agrawal

  • Vijay Chordia

  • N.R. Kothari

  • Mahavir P.Sharma

  • Sudhir Kasliwal
    (Permanent Invitee)

  • Manuj Goyal
    (Permanent Invitee)

  • Dr. K L Jain
    (Special Invitee)